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Structural Engineering Consultants

Structural engineering consultants here at Karno Energy are responsible for relaying information regarding the designing of structures that must go through stresses and pressures that are inflicted by human environmental conditions. We configure structures, choose appropriate building materials, inspect the construction work, and ensure the structural soundness of buildings and structures.

Key responsibilities of Karno Energy’s structural engineering consultants are as followed:

  • Document and prepare design and reports;
  • Calculate pressures, stresses, and loads;
  • Take into consideration the material used in the construction stage and select accordingly;
  • Provide sound and accurate advice regarding technical aspects of construction and design which deal with safety;
  • Assist with going through proper channels of planning and regulation;
  • Configure and analyze all basic components of structures;
  • Act as a “double-checker” to the architectural and structural engineers;
  • Inspect and monitor contractor work to guarantee a sound, finished structure;
  • Project management and administer documents;
  • Evaluate and inspect properties, pertaining to conditions;
  • Understand and use computer-assisted technology for purposes of simulation;
  • Deliver innovative yet clear solutions.

Our Structural Engineering Services

Structural Integrity helps assure professionals that a structural component or a structure itself is fit for operations, regardless of structures being bigger than expected. Structural engineering integrity is not just a case of good design, it needs to be maintained.

This requires inspection and maintenance at periodic intervals. Engineers ensure facts such as having safe structures and having them be and stay reliable while performing their designed function throughout the life of a given structure.

Structural Engineering Design Services

Karno Energy’s structural engineering team has an important job, making structures more responsive to their constantly growing demands. A big part of our consulting team is rethinking the way structures are created. As an example, let’s look at two different types of structures: tall buildings (skyscrapers, high-rises, etc.) and more distinctive designs (timber structures, modern structures, innovative, etc.)

When a client comes to us needing consulting services on the structural integrity of a tall building, we address their concerns with what they need in mind. We do the same thing for the more distinctive (modern, innovative, etc), taking the client’s needs seriously and adding our own industry commentary.

Reputation is important to all businesses and Karno Energy is certainly no exception. Maintaining a high degree of professionalism and guidance is something we’ve accumulated over time. When it comes to developing, training, and investing in the talent we bring aboard the Karno Energy team, we don’t cut corners. Being proficient in what we do is something we consider ABSOLUTE.

The Best Structural Engineering Companies

Doing business with Karno Energy is doing business with growth and innovation. 3D modelling is now at its peak of advancement and our structural engineering consultants are here for you at every step of the process.

Through advanced 3D modelling, our team designs and tests structures virtually, yet closely with our clients. Collaborating with other departments is equally essential. By doing this, we can better stay up to date on current and latest advances.

At Karno Energy, we believe in making structures better. Through virtual and 3D modelling, it really can be. Structural and architectural engineering consultants are standing by to assist you to fit every structural and design component where it should be.


Structural Building Engineering

Key responsibilities for structural building engineers:

  • The structure design of buildings;
  • Creation of computer-assisted structural models;
  • Conduct measurements of pressures and loads from environmental or human doing;
  • Understand and follow construction guidelines and procedures;
  • Assign materials regarding specifications of structure;
  • Observe construction site processes;
  • Prepare budgets;
  • Keep track of project progress and report accordingly;
  • Work within a team, in collaboration with project managers and contractors;
  • Structural Engineering Calculations.

Consult with one of our Structural Engineers:

Building Information Modeling Services

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