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Debeka Koblenz


Comprehensive Modelling & Coordination Of All Engineering Systems

Building- type:

Office Building


25 000 sq.m.




Debeka Group is one of the five leaders in insurance and construction companies. It was founded in 1905 and has evolved from a purely medical insurance company for civil servants to an insurance group that offers insurance coverage for all private households, as well as for small and medium-sized businesses. Today it is one of the most successful groups of its kind in Germany.

Debeka Koblenz is a 15-storey building in the centre of Koblenz, Germany. This building will provide 25 000 sq.m of office space for employees of Debeka Group.


We received Stage 3 project information and drawings from MEP contractors and our tasks were:

– optimization of design solutions to suit the latest architecture

– coordination of all MEP systems with architectural and structural models

– first-class Stage 5 construction drawings

– technical support

What we did:

Our team modelled water supply and sewage systems to LOD 300, coordinated systems between each other and structure models.

Working on Debeka Koblenz project we used a full pack of modern software:

– Autodesk Revit for modelling systems and fabrication drawings

– Plugins for Revit, that optimize processes that save client’s money

– Navisworks for detailed Clash Detection

– BIM360 for effective collaboration

– Dropbox for data exchange in our team


Debeka Group received BIM model with fully designed, optimized and coordinated systems. Our model helped other engineers coordinate all the building and do it with less financial and time waste. Additionally, customer can create 4D-model with time schedule of construction, that will reduce costs and help manage whole process of building.


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