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The Importance of Electrical Engineering

KarnoEnergy is dedicated to thoughtfully and purposefully designing electrical systems, addressing every factor that could possibly impact them. This includes staying up-to-date on the ever-changing code requirements, equipment, and technology, along with any cost constraints.

Some of our electric services include – smart lighting controls, identifying renewable sources, and using resources to cut costs and operate under the basis of long-term sustainability.

While the size of the building and its intended purpose greatly affect the design concept, this calculated and common-sense approach yields the same result each and every time, which is what you should always expect when working with electrical engineering consultants.

Building owners and architects must take into account hundreds of possible curveballs, being ready to adjust to any part of their work at a moment’s notice. Structures must be sound, and comfortable, and display internal and external resiliency, keeping in mind the ever-present possibility of dealing with repairs and maintenance of electrical equipment.

What Is An Engineering Consultant

Our electrical engineering consultants work tirelessly and seamlessly with our mechanical and public health engineers. This helps create a more complete solution in regard to building services. Our teams manage to coordinate effectively and routinely.

This is a big part of the reason the experts here at KarnoEnergy are able to efficiently load computations, install and create the most innovative lighting designs, correlate between grounding and bonding procedures, conduct necessary energy audits, and undergo utility consultancy.

Our electrical engineers have a crucial job: making sure that all work is installed and performed according to the specifications of clients.

Here at KarnoEnergy, we hold our electrical, mechanical, public health, and fire health engineers to the highest of standards. We EXPECT to be the best in the UK. Holding ourselves accountable is something we consider a strength. We think you will too!

The professionals in our electrical engineering department tend to have big energy ideas, and often. Many times, with these ideas, our engineers are able to directly pass energy saving to the clients we work with. Through team and client collaboration, almost anything can be accomplished.

Our Working Principles

We work in direct collaboration with all our departments. KarnoEnergy’s team approach is backed by advanced 3D modelling methods. BIM or building information modelling allows our designers to comprehensively share a prototype virtually.

Karno Energy works ONLY with certified electrical experts. Their approach to electrical engineering is both professional and passionate. This helps exponentially with dealing with the more complicated tasks on a given property.

Our electrical design engineers have experience in plans, specifications, and construction administration services for many project types including low voltage, remodels, fueling facilities, site development, commercial, renewable energy, feasibility, energy studies, LEED, and master planning.

We work with only certified electrical experts. Their approach to electrical engineering is both professional and passionate. This helps exponentially with dealing with the more complicated tasks on a given property.

KarnoEnergy Electrical Engineering Consultants

KarnoEnergy electrical engineering consultants believe in leading over following. Being sustainable through technical advances as well as through research and development. We ensure that our clients understand each risk associated with the possible or likely benefit. As ideas in this field come to fruition, we provide guidance, demonstrating and proving which are right and viable for them.

Believing in creativity and innovation has ranked us among the top BIM engineering consulting companies in the UK. Simply put, we help our clients in a smarter, more efficient way. KarnoEnergy is a trusted UK – based company, that delivers innovative and clear direction within our consultancy team.

We have a firm belief in innovation in electrical engineering. Our electrical engineering consultants work hand in hand with our structural and building services systems. Our first step of KarnoEnergy’s consultation is the planning stage.

Our leading industrial electrical engineers and electrical engineering consultants, ensure high quality and attention to detail with every project. We are experts at getting the job done and making sure that each job is done correctly and adhering to the client’s specifications every time.

What Makes Karno Energy YOUR PERFECT Choice?

Simply put, Karno Energy believes strongly in the value of teamwork. Individual success is important on some level, but coordinating and collaborating internally is an elemental part of how we relay information effectively and expeditiously. Being a team means working together.

Working in sync to achieve our goals so YOU can too! By utilizing the team model, we can lighten your load in regard to computations, lighting design, grounding/bonding procedures, energy audits, utilities consulting, and so much more! ALL matters concerning electricity and energy is our professional duty.

Karno Energy delivers the latest advances in electrical engineering including BIM and 3D modelling. We’ve developed an impressive database by any standards, of Revit families which allows us to work quickly to match client and architect requests.

Based on technical manufacturing documentation, Karno Energy engineers have created detailed Revit families from LOD 200 to LOD 500.


Exceeding Clients Expectations, Needs, and Desires:

We never put our clients in the way of any unnecessarily risky practices. Karno Energy is supported by highly skilled team experts and that’s not JUST a line either. Implementing new ideas such as smart lighting controls is just ONE example of how we determine the best route to follow for our clients.

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