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CAD Drawings Services

CAD stands for computer-aided design and helps with creating, modifying, analyzing, and optimizing the existing designs. Such designs are easier to understand, for example, when discussing documentation. Besides, they are always easy to fix since every drawing is on the computer.

Every engineer or designer can create technical, engineering drawings, interior designs, architecture, animation, prosthetics, automobiles, ships, computer graphics etc. The possibilities of CAD are unlimited, as long as, the designer knows it’s possibilities and has enough creativity to go beyond. The specialist can use both vector-based and raster-based graphics to create the necessary drawing.

One may use computer-aided design to create figures in both two-dimensional (2D) space or three-dimensional (3D) space.

So if you are in search of someone who provides perfect CAD design services, then check out our team. Our specialists can digitalize your mechanical, structural, electrical, or any other paper drawing in both 2D and 3D.

Our Achievements

We’ve worked with many great businesses and projects as a team of CAD drawing services, for example:

  • When working for English Sainsbury, we’ve created the design of wet fire protection sprinkler system, modeling and coordination, and different construction drawings including elements of re-calculations of hydraulics by Revit MEP software, as-built documentation using laser scanning and point clouds, filling the BIM model with the required parameters with COBie method, as a CAD drafting services team;
  • We’ve also worked with Canadian Business Center as one of the CAD companies where we performed comprehensive coordination of all engineering systems including elements of optimization of hydraulics and aerodynamics in the Revit MEP program, building the documentation using laser scanning and point clouds, filling the BIM model with the required parameters with the COBie method;
  • For German Fahrhaus Hotel we’ve performed development of executive documentation of boiler room based on point cloud including installation of heating and water treatment systems, implementation of a complex MEP modeling based on point cloud information for a plant room, developing as-built documentation, and filling the BIM model with custom information for further building maintenance;
  • We’ve presented CAD design services for apartments complex in Australia we performed public health systems design and coordination including waste and rainwater drainage and domestic water systems, modeling and coordination, fabrication drawings;
  • And for a hospital in England, we’ve presented engineering CAD services like the construction drawings, coordinated all engineering systems including mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems 3D modeling, coordination with systems re-calculation, fabrication drawings, and COBie coding.

Why Is It Better to Choose CAD Outsourcing?

Outsourcing is one of the biggest trends in the modern world considering that it can be cheaper than an in-house team, you can find better specialists, and the world seems to be working in a remote mode, so why not use it as an advantage?

Here is a bit more detailed list of all the benefits of CAD outsourcing companies and hiring a person who is not from your team:

  • The specialist can be more skillful, especially if you find a person, who creates CAD drawings again and again;
  • You’ll get your job done faster. Again, if you find a skillful specialist to do the task, less amount of time will be spent, since the contractor doesn’t need time to adjust to the software, like most in-house specialist have to;
  • You’ll get a solution just for your needs – the cost is usually lower since you don’t need the full team to create a CAD drawing, one specialist is just fine. Besides, you have to pay just for the job, and not for showing up at the office;
  • You’ll get the specialists that understand your technical task without problems and give you want you exactly want;
  • You’ll meet well-educated and academically-trained specialists that will understand you immediately since they know all key factors of the technical task;
  • You’ll work with specialists that have all the necessary licensed software including cloud services like BIM360;
  • You’ll get free time for you and your employees, while a CAD services specialist does the job. Do the things you have to do and focus on your business goals rather than dealing with design issues.


2D CAD Drawing

2D CAD drawing is the process during which specialists create, edit, or copy technical and annotating designs, floor plans, building inspection plans and permit drawings, or even some landscaping layouts.

With special software, 2D CAD services specialists can draw such plans, designs, and drawings faster and more precisely. Besides, one can add tables, dimensions, annotations  to an existing design.

Book your specialist now to create the CAD outsourcing services to achieve your business goals!


3D CAD Drawing

3D CAD drawing services are unlike 2D CAD drawings. Such drawings help to visualize objects even better with the help of three-dimension vision. It replaces the manual drafting with the automated process. Many engineers, developers, architects around the world use the software to create their drawings and ease out their work.

Basically, with the help of 3D CAD services, you can draw anything you need just in a three-dimensional space.

Contact our team to see what we can do for you. We are an experienced and very motivated team that dives into work right away. To find more about our team you can check the “Our Team” page and to check more cases go to the “Portfolio” page.

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