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What is BIM Structural Services

When it comes to construction, it is crucial ending up with a uniquely efficient way. That is, to cut the long story short, what we do here, at BIM structural and construction documentation services. BIM structural services have worked outstandingly on the international market, they help not only to save money but also to find out the most functional way to represent ideas. We have experience in making both concrete & steel structures. But that isn’t all we can do – precast concrete and post-tension structures and steel structures are easy for us as well.

BIM Structural Services helps accurately design structural elements from drawings to demolishing. It is an important process for an efficient and detailed building process.


Construction process is a very exacting task because demanding to get detailed calculated costs of labors and works. In the process of designing the building our engineers count each structural element.

BIM Structural Design Services is not just a list of sheets that are located in a certain sequence, but working layout of structural construction. Created BIM Structure model is a real-life production scheme of every element, gradually and organised. Karno Energy can make easier development of your project.


Modern Structural BIM services belong to a service type that covers every column, slab or wall. Our company can calculate various building materials like concrete, steel and wood and different types of materials.

Need to pre-stress or reinforce your beam, frame or column? It’s easy. Maybe you need to change the amount of the elements? It’s not a big deal. Moreover, we can make an additional calculation of fastening elements quantity. Once you post an assignment, every support, angle, and partition is incorporated. As a firm providing detailing for Structural designs, we strain after a well-worked project.


No matter what building type you have, a hospital or heavy metallurgy plant, the best solution for construction industry is structural approach. BIM Structural Detailing Services will provide you with a great integral model of the necessary structure, with detailed information about needed framework.

Our structural engineers will look through every detail of your model in every aspect. Despite on high or low-rise, materials of structure – we’ll include every side into your development and make it interchangeable and interrelated. You can rely on our wide experience and high efficiency to achieve a determined goal.


Choose modern solutions

Karno Energy engineers have a wonderful portfolio with different developments in the industrial sphere with BIM use. We use a full pack of our knowledge to provide the best solution for each project and deliver an elaborate facility. With these modern solutions, that gives our engineers, can provide more efficient and quality projects.

Our team offers:

  • 3D modelling
  • Drafting, detailing, drawing
  • Coordination
  • BIM data drop
  • Proper filled documentation
  • Design solutions with BIM structure

If you have more questions, click the “Contact Us” button and tell us your need. Our consultants will answer all your question.

Our Structural Services

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