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3D BIM Services

Building information modelling or BIM Services, is a modern design, construction, and project lifecycle management technology. Many clients, developers, and builders are not familiar with this type of technology.

With our deep and studied understanding of this sphere of focus, Karno Energy offers expert support of technical documentation development, building construction, irrigation, building engineering, consulting services, and operation. Think of BIM as a type of virtual prototype.

With this technology, builders can now call upon the esports at Karno Energy to create a solution for them before they even start planning for the physical construction process or building process.

Having and utilizing BIM services modelling saves money and works toward achieving total comfort. Karno Energy brings reliable engineering systems to industrial buildings, hotels, shopping malls, irrigation systems, and many others.

We aim to satisfy our clients and a big part of how we achieve that, includes having available, building services engineering consultants. Implementing a strategic, yet actionable plan for any new BIM project requires having expert building engineering consultants as a partner.

Building services and engineering must be clearly understood in order to functionally relay parameters, requirements, and specifications. Being able to transport these skills within our inclusive team is what sets us apart. 

Property owners know that every project has an elemental risk factor. Our team is not composed of mere experts, but problem-solvers. Karno Energy ranks high on the top of the building information modelling services provider charts. Complex solutions to all requirements can arise from the building process itself.

Conducting in-depth research on the development of these complex solutions requires an all-inclusive team effort. Our building engineering consultants have the necessary skills to interpret the methods of 3D analysis, which has been proven successful globally.

It’s important to remember that each project we dedicate ourselves to, is unique and structurally organized according to its own specific guidelines, procedures, and specifications. We also work in direct accordance with SAP and EPC.

Increasing energy efficiency, incorporating climate-friendly designs, and water management, are features that work and interact with computer models and have the ability to make real-time changes before the physical construction stage.

Revit modelling

Revit is a software that supports BIM process. Think of it like this: Revit is BIM software, is not just BIM. Revit models allow our engineers to work with parametric objects.

Keeping in mind that each component has parametric qualities, we can:

  • Make quick edits or changes with no repetition. This software automatically updates whenever changes are made to a given model. It’s related to components, documentation, and details, affecting the building as a whole.   
  •  Create construction documentation, various high-quality documentation that’s automatically produced from 3D modelling processes, making the virtual reality experience more life-like. 
  •  Prepare quantities and estimate cost, generated from inserted data automatically generated.
  •  Coordinate through shared models which enable our team to collaborate and do so effectively with the goal of conflict reduction.
  •  Conceptualize better with 3D visualization, 3D modelling, and virtual reality thus allowing for better and sounder communication with our client and all of our departments.
  •  Operate effectively with Revit imports and exports. Common formats such as IFC links our client’s data with newfound ease.

BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services:

BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services are key elements of the design process and the preparation of the modelling process in the construction industry today. Applying BIM methodology offers many great benefits to architects and engineers.

During the inspection of a model, Clash Detection in Revit and Navisworks reduce the number of change orders during construction. This leads to less human errors saving time, money, and resources for contractors, companies, and owners.

With 3D Clash detection, we map the parts of a given structure with care and detail and prepare a comprehensive report. Our expert engineers here at Karno Energy use clash detection to make additional modifications or improvements to the design of existing structures, which we then relay to contractors.

These tools are extremely helpful for our team to reduce any errors along with preventing sub-par design implementations. Without the use of this technology, fixes or changes would be costly and be dealt with once the design project is completed. 

BIM Coordination and Clash Detection Services provide an avenue for collaboration. Architects, engineers, contractors, and building owners/builders work together better with the aim of resolving issues early and making the project design process precise and accurate.

Karno Energy understands the need for urgency. Bim Coordination and Clash Detection has amazing capabilities which also includes construction scheduling in real-time.

BIM Coordination helps with aspects of maximization and utilization in regard to building space and enables multiple engineers to work on a single model whole synchronizing the model to reflect any changes that were made by all project users.

Scan to BIM

Scan-to-BIM brings the documentation of existing buildings into line with BIM methodology.

The primary way Scan-to-BIM is used is with 3D laser scanners. In effect, this captures a high-density point cloud of a building’s physicality, site, or structure. This leads to a reflection, in present conditions, of the creation and maintenance of a BIM model.

Models made that use Scan-to-BIM range project renovations, additions, documentations, and facility management with downstream applications. Comparing original plans and topographical registration with Scan-to-BIM is immensely useful.

With 3D coordinate systems, Point Cloud contains data points which represent the external surfaces of buildings or structures. Included are geometry and colour. Karno Energy uses 3D scanning technology to measure Point Cloud data within vector points.

The conversion of parametric Revit models is the result. After we import to Revit, we use that data to build up 3D model and are able to functionally refer to point cloud. This technology allows our team to capture every intricate detail, effectively eliminating the need to repeat site check-ups.   

Why is Karno Energy a leader in MEP Scan to BIM?


  •         Three-dimensional geometric measurements
  •         Clash detection in pre-construction
  •         Visualization of MEP and BIM design or redesign
  •         Built “as per” specified verification
  •         Documentation with accurate visuals

 Increased speed from the design process to the production stage

BIM Object Creation

BIM Objects are representations of real and physical items. They represent an actual, physical thing that can be seen, heard, and touched. Think of something material which occupies a determined amount of space.

A BIM object can be broken down into two parts which are the 3D geometric definition which describes it’s form and the database definition that conveys alpha-numeric descriptive information regarding properties of the object.

Our experts understand the importance of geometry in all aspects of BIM technologies and utilize each component based on it’s reason or purpose. BIM object will include the name, size, weight, material properties, and other properties.

The Karno Energy team offers many solutions, one of which is BIM Revit Family Creation. Creating BIM families or content for BIM models is a crucial step in our BIM services. Revit is an efficient architectural design and documentation software of Autodesk. Revit Family Creation creates basic parametric families and enhances the quality of graphics of models by modifying different families within BIM.

All professionals engaged in the construction process like builders, manufacturers, designers, engineers depend on Revit Family model creation services, as it can create more intelligent, smart, and parametric modelling can bring in a complete assembly of objects, components, or equipment that will facilitate Building Information Model construction.


3D Rendering

3D modelling has revolutionized the way construction jobs and projects are realized. Karno Energy provides quality 3D coordination on all project sizes, making visions evolve into reality.

3D Interior and Exterior Visualization Helps Build Toward Securing Market Competitiveness.

3D Rendering – Interior Visualization & Exterior Visualization:

Karno Energy’s 3D Interior Visualization methods have a few different aims: setting order and cutting the production time of our projects. By having a strict yet planned management process, it give our team deliver flexible, high-quality 3D visualizations. Working well with all team members is essential to produce the very best end result.

3D exterior renderings are a great way to actively visualize any residential or commercial development. Big or small, Karno Energy works in synchronicity so that your architectural project is as visualized. Our exterior renderings will help bring your project to life effectively, quickly, and with great care. From single-family homes to commercial developments, our team grasps the technology required to work with architects, designers, and building owners to create amazing and high-quality 3D renderings of exterior visualizations according to your timeframe and budget.


3D rendering generates images to be viewed on a computer. It consists of lighting, modelling, rendering, and texturing. Think of 3D rendering as digitally sculpting a model, bringing the right look to a building with newfound ease and accuracy.

Once the modelling process is completed, our team shifts focus to texture and modelling, giving a realistic touch in regards to the application of lights and materials to aid with shadowing.

There are not many things that are more exciting than watching something you created get brought to life with 3D animation. Karno Energy excels at 3D renderings and animation. The world has been competitive since the dawn of time.

Our cavemen brothers and sisters were, in all likelihood, fighting it out for the best living quarters. Adapting to be and work with the best, has never been more important. So, stand out and let the Karno Energy teamwork with you today to bring your visions to life with 3D renderings and animation.

3D Walkthrough is a great and innovative way to represent visually, imagination in a live 3D animated form.

The walkthrough experience should mimic an actual, physical walkthrough, thus the name walkthrough. There are different types of walkthroughs too. Some are capable of panning left to right, along with up and down. Others can have a more rounded feel and look.

The “zoom” feature enables viewers the ability to browse certain or specific elements of the building, giving our clients more in-depth and closer look. For architects and interior designers, 3D walkthroughs are a big help to their overall process. 3D walkthroughs are great for team interaction as well as meeting with external clients that are gaining more and more popularity within architectural visualization.

Providing realistic looks of the interior and the exterior of a building, is a signature of Karno Energy’s dedication to our clients, bringing forth the best option for them. 3D walkthroughs allow our team to test various situations or scenarios, pertaining to many facets, which encompasses the fully completed project.

BIM Services

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