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What is Architecture BIM Services

Karno Energy provides an integrated individual approach to the design of objects of varying complexity. We provide renewable energy sources and advanced BIM construction technologies for the design of functional structures for various purposes.

Not only the durability, reliability, and comfort of the building but also the duration of construction work depends on the quality of the architectural project.

Our specialists guarantee quality architectural BIM services for the design of buildings and structures using CAD and BIM technologies. They include all the tools you need for architectural design and making 3D BIM Models. They help to analyze and pay attention to customer requirements already at the early stages of projects. With software based on CAD and BIM technologies, we raise the quality and efficiency of work to a new level.

Architectural Design and BIM Team

Standard design and engineering systems are practically unrelated to each other, which makes it difficult to establish interaction between project participants. A team of qualified specialists, and architects, work with us, using architectural BIM models, which organize the simplest exchange of data concerning an architectural structure.

Working on an architectural object of BIM technology in design and construction, our team has several advantages:

  • We can showcase 3D interiors and exteriors at any scale.
  • Using this technology, our projects look as realistic as possible. This allows the customer to present their project in a favourable light by organizing a virtual walk for investors, buyers, and customer representatives.
  • We prepare design and working documentation following the current European and British building codes.
  • We have gone from conceptual design to documentation creation with versatile tools that ensure model accuracy at every step.

Paper or other types of materials that are necessary for the construction or maintenance of buildings and structures are obsolete. For example, a 3D BIM is the best choice for building renovation work. We employ experienced professionals who specialize in the design of buildings and structures using modern technologies. Our experts know how to create an information model based on two-dimensional drawings to get a three-dimensional BIM model.

Architectural BIM Modelling Services 

Our experienced specialists develop BIM models according to the CAD drawings provided by the customer. We get ready-made solutions without the need to make edits. When working on a project, existing errors are identified and corrected, the project is finalized and everything is done with high quality. In our projects, there are no collisions and errors that can lead to material costs for their elimination.

Design & Modelling

Our company uses modern technologies in the design, planning, and operation of facilities. If earlier it took months to design and model an object, then using modern technologies we can develop the structure of your project much faster.

We use modern 3D modelling software such as Revit. This allows our specialists to design any type of structure. Regardless of the level of complexity, we get the finished structure on the monitor screen, which allows us to see the front side of the building and the internal section. With Karno Energy, you can model any design, make changes, and analyze the results to get what you need.


Now our specialists have even more options and tools available to complete any project task. We can easily and quickly convert 2D drawings to 3D models and back to optimize design processes and make them as efficient as possible.


Revit Family Creation

Karno Energy will carry out complex 3D design (BIM) of construction and reconstruction facilities using the BIM Revit family. They have specifically released this software from Autodesk for the design of building models, landscapes, and communications. This allows us to plan, manage and monitor all processes, keep track of work performance and costs, and avoid errors.

Architectural BIM Services provides the ability to accelerate construction work, significantly increase their efficiency, eliminate many potential errors, greatly simplify the analysis of incoming data, monitor the work, and account for material resources.

We go beyond 3D-BIM modelling and use 4D & 5D & 6D BIM models. Each of these stages ensures the accumulation of ever-larger amounts of information. We do this with a view to the subsequent long-term operation of the building. Each of the levels corresponds to the level of information presentation.

  • 3D: the starting point is geotechnical surveys, safety issues, logistics, and similar issues;
  • 4D: planning for intelligent time planning of fulfilling each of the construction stages;
  • 5D: adding costs (for materials and others);
  • 6D: adding elements to adhere to the concept of sustainable development; this includes the project life cycle, energy consumption, generation issues, etc.

We also provide such services as:

  • Revit Construction Drawing
  • Point Cloud Modelling
  • Architectural Revit models

We are ready to provide you with the best solutions and create a quality design and modelling. Contact us, and our managers will advise you on the cost and terms of the service.

Building Information Modelling Services

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