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What is Architectural Construction Drawing Services

The best specialists work with us, who can create high-quality detailed and working drawings for the house, cottages, industrial, and commercial office buildings. We are engaged in the design of architectural and construction drawings that meet UK building standards. We made construction drawings for houses and apartments, hotels, office buildings, and more.

Architectural drawing is creating an architectural image of a future object. We made the drawing using different methods. These are graphics: facades, plans, sections, layouts, axonometric models, 3D models; text descriptions; photo collages. Based on these definitions, how the structural elements of the new building will be combined, decide regarding its location. That at the stage of architectural drawing makes it possible to draw up design schemes.

We know how to create comfortable conditions; we meet the opinion of customers and architects. When creating engineering projects, we pay attention to all existing legal British and European requirements.

We use modern design methods, pay great attention to energy management, and have over 10 years of experience, which allows us to implement our knowledge in the excellent functionality of the building. That is why our designs answer the high-quality standards of energy productivity and aesthetic appearance. To make the project unique, we consider all the wishes of the customer and deeply work on the project using modern methods of 3D analysis (Revit, Navisworks, etc.).

When providing architectural construction drawing services, we rely on sustainability, functional solutions, and the economical use of resources. Therefore, in our portfolio, you will find many successfully completed projects with native and foreign clients.

Architectural CAD Drafting Services

Karno Energy uses unique future-oriented 2D and 3D CAD software for its work. Architectural CAD Services, or computer-aided design and drafting tools, are design and technical documentation technologies that have replaced manual drafting with automated processes.

CAD helps to draw up construction documentation under all UK standards, explore design ideas, visualize concepts by creating photorealistic images and simulate the dynamics of operation of objects and structures. In addition, Architectural CAD Conversion Services makes it easy to correct the drawing as each drawing is on the computer.

We use a comprehensive CAD solution to transform architectural drawings. Our experts can digitize your structural, electrical, or any other paper drawing in both 2D and 3D. Using CAD Conversion Services, such designs are easier to understand, for example, when discussing documentation, and it is also easier to change, optimize, and analyze existing designs.

Architectural Construction Drawing Services Using Revit BIM

Karno Energy stands out among traditional architecture and design companies by implementing BIM capabilities.

Building Information Modeling (BIM) or architectural BIM services is a process based on the use of an intelligent 3D BIM model. With the help of this technology, our specialists can even more efficiently plan, design, build and operate buildings and infrastructure, find new optimal building solutions.

This approach improves efficiency and accuracy throughout the entire project life cycle, from conceptual 2D design, visualization, and analysis to fabrication and construction. Revit automates routine and repetitive tasks so our team can focus on more important work and create a computer model of the building instead of a ton of documentation.

Why choose Karno Energy?

Karno Energy offers a comprehensive approach to engineering systems design. We have completed many projects because we:

  • use modern design methods;
  • have over 10 years of experience;
  • design and build various types of buildings and structures;
  • use in our work only modern technologies for the design and construction of facilities;
  • work with each customer individually, considering all wishes and requirements.

Which Сompanies Have Chosen Us

We work with facilities of all sizes, from private homes to large office buildings and factories. We work in all markets around the world. You can refer to our projects in our portfolio and find projects with companies in Great Britain, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, and other countries and provided Construction Drawing Services, namely:

  • Design of sewage and rainwater drainage systems and domestic water supply, modelling and approval, and working drawings.
  • Designing a heat pump in private houses, which is the power source of the building for heating and hot water supply in winter, and also works for passive cooling in summer.
  • Complex coordination of all engineering systems with elements of recalculations of hydraulics and aerodynamics using the Revit MEP software, and much more.

Contact our competent managers to find out the entire list of services that are included in Construction Drawing Services and discuss your project.

Building Information Modelling Services

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